Newtown’s 20 and the Social Blitz

It should have been a dream but it was an awful reality. Why would an
adult pump live bullets into kids, ages five to ten, killing twenty of them
beats my imagination. Anyone that thinks about it would probably have to fight
back tears. What a way to cause psychological pains reverberating into the
marrows of parents. Oh my God…


The Young Life


A few months back, I had the opportunity to plant, stay close
and watch certain food crops to maturity. I discovered that when young, they were
tender, clean, smooth and beautiful. Not long after, I had to chase free range
chickens away as it became hurtful to see young plant get picked by them. The
young human life, in addition, is innocent, helpless, dependent and defenseless.
And this could be why many parents would remain bewildered.


The Purpose Required a Planned Action


Let nobody mention derangement because I believe he acted out
his own script. He wasn’t a minor; he knew gun as a lethal tool, more efficient
than bare hands. The first shot was not aimed at a log but his mum. Then he
traveled a good distance; with time long enough to revise his action, to commit
a shocking crime. He must have driven like a gentleman; to evade, as well as
pre-empt a possible chain of reactions from law officers. Once he got to the
classroom, first were the adults, to prevent resistance no matter how little.
Then the kids…, who would probably scream, call-out to mummy or daddy. Kids
whose gloomy countenance alone is enough for an adult to pay an undivided
attention! Finally, the last shot was not fired at his image; he would have not
only shattered a mirror but affirmed a mental illness. He must have had
resentment for his parents and of course, the society. His mother was probably
unlucky as the only parent accessible. An obvious assumption therefore is that
he did it to get even with the society and probably his parents.


The Social Blitz


No culture will allow unpleasant comment about the dead, but the
following truth must be told.



  1. The dead mother was an epitome of moral virtues; she stood by
    him to the end. This made her accessible by evil.
  2. The twenty kids were potential Presidents, business moguls,
    Nobel Prize winners, etc. They were preparing to be one of those that would
    further extend the frontier of human development.
  3. The crime was due to moral virtues that fell on deaf ears.
    The rejection of late President John F. Kennedy’s timeless counsel to “…do
    for your country”.
  4. The remaining six adults were probably the society that
    should have benefited from an individual’s ingenuity. The society will forever
    be off his communication line…
  5. Lastly, the rest of us living should draw a lesson from the
    episode. We need to identify a failure as someone who will try to get even by
    destroying the same society that would have trampled down his door to access
    and pay for his ingenuity.


Ironically, your unsatisfactory social-economic status is not an
index for failure. Rather it is a major indicator that you are yet to identify
your potential skill and personality. Meanwhile, committing a violent crime to
get even with whoever will identify you as a failure. Let the souls of the dead,
particularly the souls of those innocent and tender kids, rest in the perfect
peace of the Almighty God.

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Newtown – How to Tackle A Menace

The attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, is not the first of its kind. It is imperative therefore not to say that it has come and gone. Similar occurrence must be prevented in the future. To do this parents have a bigger role to play. Believe me, if I say this violence is being committed by a deranged fellow then it’s possible I am the one that is deranged. Someone who wants to get even with the society and hits where it hurts most, – the innocent and defenseless children – seemed to be more of a derailed than deranged individual. To reason out, plan and execute such a mechanical assault – of a military nature – based on the potentially massive agony it could cause, are no feats for a deranged mind.

Effort by law enforcement agents, Presidents’ executive power, political moves, legislative processes, media action, etc would help but these are corrective measures after the issue has developed into a full social problem. There would be the necessity to tackle it from the moment it’s showing a bud; often within the high school age. This is the age when self achievement is charted via the illusion of zero effort and the requirement of a short period; the path of dishonor.

To the youth, you can only teach how to achieve life goals… getting all they want in life. They’ll understand. But it is God that gives knowledge. Meanwhile what you understand may not be as proficiently useful as what you know; so they’ll need further help. This could come from the following:

i. The inner voice

Teaching about and how to listen to the inner voice – the voice of God – that’ll reveal the knowledge embedded in what you understood. This is happening already but could be made more profound. In “Gifted Hands,” Prof. Ben Carson read several issues of a journal on psychology that helped him to have not just a better focus on his life ambition but attitude at living. He started helping others at a young age. His elder brother, Curtis that got the subscription on his behalf could not force him to read. He read several issues, and long enough to imbibe a positive viewpoint about life. There were a few links that he formed by listening to his inner voice. To read right, to read the first issue, to read on… and long enough…

ii. Monitoring

Obviously two opposing inner voices steer every human endeavor… Parental love coupled with adulthood experience will guide every parent to give a persistent encouragement. Close monitoring would confirm that they are discerning the inner voices appropriately, to ensure they do not derail from the honorable path. When effort to improve on poor academic results is lacking or inadequate; when he’s nonchalant about a sliding academic performance; and when he finds it difficult to honestly seek assistance from parents and teachers; trouble is imminent.

As adults, we already know that there are no easy roads to success. But we should be particularly thankful to God because we know the easiest road to success is the honorable one. Keeping our kids on this path is a better way to tackle get-even violent crime in its bud. It is also a way to ensure the peace of mind we crave, in our old age; for our children; and …for the society.

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