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Let me specially congratulate you for getting to this point.

It means you’ve taken two of three steps to financial liberty.

Super fantastic financial liberty via an unparalleled MLM structure.

Believe me, you’re close to saying, “Yeah… this is MLM…”

For now, step three… quickly read through the article below.



MLM: How to Smartly Make Money without Selling Anything.


Wale Joseph


True, the MLM industry is one of the fastest routes to financial freedom. The people on this route to wealth are however being compelled to use two dissimilar methods to distribute products. One of these modes, selling, have regularly been responsible for many individual and team failures.


Lots of people aren’t comfortable – no doubt – with product selling. Where this is secretly made to limit the level of compensation accessible, visibly then, most people will fail right from sign up. Ironically, the other mode; explicitly used to conceal selling: lure people in, remains the key to MLM success.


An important principle in MLM systems is leverage. It is a powerful foundation of network marketing, capable of creating amazing and ever increasing wealth for every individual who dares to tread the seemingly obscure path. It’s what will reduce the input required from every member to a minimum; via networking.


According to an MLM CEO, there are four stages in network marketing…;


Where you are doing the most productive things…, such as using and sharing your products …and teaching others to do the same”.

·      “These are the things that will make you money…”

Personal activity is to buy, use and share your product, thereafter… network: teach others to do the same. Note particularly here that selling is not talked about.

Sharing will prompt persuasion more powerfully than selling. Emphasis should be on Multi-Level Networking, MLN and not MLM!


…Figuring out how much more volume each distributor in your organization will have to create…”

·      “You begin to slack off on personal activity and productivity… Your volume, of course, starts to slack off…

Planning for sales will veer you off important issues.


…Questioning the effectiveness of the business. You start doubting that the business can really provide what everyone has said: success, freedom and peace of mind…”

·       “The people who stay in this stage long enough will move into stage four”.

The tendency for anyone in this stage – pitiably – is to remain long enough to put an end to a brilliant ambition. This is because of being in the right place, doing the right thing in the wrong way: selling rather than networking.


…Blaming the company, products, compensation plan, up line, etc.”

·      “Eventually you will give up on this business and begin searching for the next ‘perfect’ opportunity, where this same scenario will repeat itself again”.

Listen to the CEO with a caring heart… conclude;

You want to remain in stage one of the business (The Building Stage) because that is where the GROWTH occurs. The other stages will cause frustration, lack of belief, and ultimately defeat…”

Being made to buy – by an insensitive corporate policy – product quantities that’s beyond what could be personally consumed within a calendar month… and,

Where leftover product is beyond what should be reasonably shared within the same month, then…

Selling is undoubtedly and cunningly being enforced. And on an MLM platform, this is absolutely wrong and unnecessary.

There could be a window for product selling… This should also have adequate compensation for both the marketer and at least four generations of up line for obvious reasons. But importantly,
selling should be optional.

Kindly let me warn…;

Seller’s special skills should be – either endowed naturally or acquired – otherwise you’ll surely slip into two and successively up to stage four mentioned above.

As a seller, you’ll need to constantly re-build your team to replenish falloffs.

These are common sights in organizations where members are forced to Market instead of made to Network!

This explains why very few people succeed in MLM business. Such


…are talented marketers; which can’t be true for one and all.

…are constantly replenishing their ‘first generation.’ A situation that’s entirely pointless.

…have a nation of people in their first generation and – most probably – with a couple of marketers too.

Product selling scares people away from MLM.

With the compensation plan of any MLM organization, anyone should be able to accrue an amazing monthly residual income with less than ten direct referrals in the first generation. Therefore to make money without selling will require…;


Buy, use and share. This is networking, the driving force behind leverage and should singularly suffice.

The right organization.

The primary aim should be service to individual members rather than huge organizational profit.

Quality product

Powerfully satisfying product or service.

Have you been doubtful, standing aloof watching MLM systems…? You’ll need to look for a platform where leverage is a basis of network marketing, and networking, the driving force behind leverage. A platform where MLM is MLN, fun, wealth and more, backed by an unparalleled organizational policy
, compensation plan and product quality.

Smartly Make Money without Sellingclick on each of the five links below now.

…you’ll find two short video clips;

Link 1: 
The Product… 29min 30sec only.

Link 2: 
The Compensation Plan… 32min 45sec only.

For further and simplified explanation of the video on Compensation Plan, please click here to download;

Link 3: 
Ways to Make Money (A Simplified Guide)… Part 1 of 3

Link 4: 
How to Sign Up… Part 2 of 3

Link 5: 
How to Easily Build your Team… Part 3 of 3



1.   Is this a business?


2.   What will I be doing?

…Follow very simple instructions. The business system enforces strict compliance; the training therefore is broad and highly explicit.

3.   Will I need to sell any product?

Absolutely no.

4.   What if I want to sell?

You’d be allowed if you so wish. It’s a different unit on the system.

5.   Can I earn enough without selling?

Without selling, you can earn well over US$5,000 monthly. Within the no selling unit, you also have the potential to increase your earnings to whatever amount you wish!

6.   Can I have more than one account?

Absolutely no.

7. Can each member in a family have individual account?

A maximum of two accounts are allowed, provided each individual is of legal age in his/her country of residence.

8.   Where is the business based?


9.   Is it legal?

It is registered and launched in the US and in several other countries of the world.

10. What is residency restriction?

  The organization will be registered and launched in any country before it’ll commence operation. Therefore members are NOT allowed from countries where the organization has not been launched. Due to zero tolerance, this rule is monitored using a high-tech system.

11. What about other countries?

It’ll be launched in all the countries of the world.

12. Is it a program such as Fiverr?

No. It is not any of the online programs such as affiliate, binary, Forex, betting, article writing, CPA, auction, etc.

13. Do I need tools like a website?

You’d be given a major electronic tool at no cost. All offline and robust electronic tools are provided at minimal costs.

14. Which Entry Level should I choose?

Whichever you can afford.

15. Can I upgrade to a higher level?

An upgrade to any Level is allowed at any time.

16. Can I pay in US Dollars?

No. The system is localized in each country it is launched and only denominated national currencies are allowed.

17. Will I be paid in US Dollars?

No. Same reason as in the preceding FAQ above.

18. What’s the difference between Entry Level 1 and Entry Level 2?

Level 2 guarantees a business plan and compensation, as in higher levels. The compensations in Level 1 has certain restrictions.

19. What’s the difference between Entry Levels 1 to 6?

Your participation in the organization is considered as partnership. Your entry level therefore represent the level of risk you’re willing to bear. Hence, amount for compensations increases from level 1 to 6.

20. How do I pay my registration fees?

You can use ATM, Debit/Credit Cards, Payment of cash at designated banks and accounts. Bank Transfer into any of the designated accounts is also possible.

21. Where do I pay for registration?

You could pay directly online or offline at a local bank. Payment is proper only after an understanding of the system… training. One of the designated banks would definitely be at a few blocks away from you.

22. Being a registered business, how are taxes handled?

With zero tolerance for illegality, the system handles taxes and other deductions on your behalf.

23. What about dos and don’ts?

There’s zero tolerance for illegality, non-compliance and insolence. All rules, regulations and instructions; legal, financial, social, and moral, etc., must be strictly adhered to. The minimum penalty is… “immediate termination of your account,” with zero exemptions.

24. Where is the training venue?

Though explicit, the training is very simple… get the materials here. For a webinar or one-on-one assistance, use this contact.

25. How do I locate a training center?

Simply send your name, email address, and country of residence to this email.


NB: You’d have to take a decision now to own a business model that’s your formula for  Success.

Here are the links…

1. Video Clip (I)

2.Video Clip (II)

3. Slide (I)

4. Slide (II)



hurry, create an unparalleled residual income for yourself.

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