Income Development

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Income Development

Wale Joseph

Being an entrepreneur is one of the ways to generate a full-time or part-time income for the family. Happiness for such an entrepreneur would be much more if there’s the likelihood that the business would not only span his or her lifetime but be bequeathed to later generations. This article gives seven steps that are imperative for an entrepreneur to be happy.

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1. Take pleasure in meeting both old and new customers.
To start well as an entrepreneur means starting with a good plan to meet your customers. Always step out of your office to give a personal attention and service. Ask about their well being – health, family and prosperity. Be quick to update such information and in addition, wish them more successes. Take pleasure in meeting them and tell them so. Customers would be joyful and encouraged to remember that yours is a place they are welcomed.

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2. Create a healthy and relaxed work environment.
Let it be your duty to ensure that safety and health rules are obeyed. In your staff, create the awareness that insurer’s indemnity is not enough compensation for body mutilation. Provide and encourage the use of appropriate tools. Interact with your staff to know their health status and allow scheduled visits for medical advice. Once in a while, find the opportunity of sending them home with goodwill messages. They’ll get to develop the feeling of being in a second home.

3. Help your staff in taking up new challenges and experiences.
It is true new challenges are difficult and the strangeness in new experiences might be intimidating. Let your staff know that they were there because you couldn’t do it alone and they wouldn’t gain that new experience either if they weren’t there. Therefore, let them know that you are for each other.

4. Ensure that all finished jobs are to the best of your capabilities.
Put in all the necessary effort to ensure that your product or service is of the best quality. Take further steps to get feedback from customers. Let them know that their response is targeted at improving the quality of products and services you provide. Do a critical analysis of all feedback and take steps using information obtained for improvement.

5. Learn new things.
Learn to provide new products or services and learn new ways of providing old ones. Continually determine quicker and easier ways of making your products and services available. This is dynamically in favor of a step ahead of competitors and simultaneously, a step closer the prospects.

6. Be fascinated not only by your work and business but by that of others as well.
That a business is new or existing, established by a competitor or even a member of your staff, must not be detested. Give an unreserved support – you might be laying the foundation for a merger, shielded by the future, where you or your later generations would immensely benefit from economies of scale, new and wide range of products, better use of expertise etc.

7. Always remember that you are blessed and must humbly bless others.
The fact that you are an entrepreneur is not by accident, you must have picked the required knowledge somewhere, sometime which makes you a special person. Putting food on your table, that of your employees while at the same time growing your investment makes you a special person. There are millions of people out there who will spend a lifetime either searching for the starting point of an enterprise or marvel daily how you are doing it. Millions of such people are such that even if you swap positions, situations either ways would reverse in no time – because of your peculiarity. Such people will never cease in large numbers while the knowledge you have is for a blessed few, you therefore must humbly be charitable.

These and some other steps would help develop the family income and hence a home that is peaceful where couples would cherish living together.

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