From Adam to Eve

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From Adam to Eve

…God’s Pathway to a Successful Marriage

“Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

Matthew 7: 6 (KJV)

The only necessities for change are simple and regular steps.



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Terms and Conditions

1.   This eBook is specifically meant for married men.


2.   Women if married, are also welcomed.

If you are not married…

Then, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, kindly pass the book on to whoever is. You’ll gain more by so doing.


3. This eBook is locked.

To open it, you’ll have to

Download a License Key!


4. To get a License Key, kindly click on the link below…

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eBook Format: Executable


eBook Description

1. Access

The desktop icon gives access to the eBook.


2. Structure

When launched, the eBook will open into a stand-alone window of two parts.


A. The left pane… contains
the Table of Contents.


B. The right window… contains
the eBook.


3. Text-To-Speech Features

The eBook could render a selected text or the entire document on the eBook window in audio format, and would be read aloud.


4. Other Features

Hang the cursor over any icon at the top, to display its function.


…Navigating the eBook


The eBook could be read on your PC without the use of any software or


1. Structure

Double click on the eBook icon to launch it. This’ll open the book in a stand-alone window of two compartments.


a. The left pane contains The Table of Contents.


b. The right window contains the eBook.


c. Within the left window, a click on any portion of interest will open in the right window.


d. A click on any part on the image of the front cover will open the next inner page.


e. Also, a click on any part on the image of the back cover will open the next inner page, from the end of the book.


f. Links to successive pages are at the top and bottom corners of each page.


2. Hyperlink Color Code.

A Hyperlink is ‘Blue.’

A visited link is ‘Purple’

An active link is ‘Pink’


3. Text-To-Speech Features.

With a click on the Play Button, a selected text or the entire document on the eBook window would be read aloud, using headphones or speakers.


a. To listen to the entire texts on the
window, click on the Play Button.


b. To start the text-to-speech feature from anywhere within the middle of a chapter, or to continue reading from a particular point in the book, using the audio feature:


·   Place the cursor at a starting point of interest.


·    Click and immediately hold down the Left Key on the computer mouse.


·    Then, drag the mouse over the whole text area of interest. This’ll highlight the entire texts that would be read aloud.


· While certain portion is highlighted, click on the text-to-speech Play Button, to activate audio.



The eBook is locked and you’ll have to download a License Key!



How to Unlock the eBook

There are two ways to do this!


1. A License Key


2. A Serial Number


A. …Got a License Key?

Perfect, go ahead, unlock the eBook.

1. Ensure that your Internet connection is switched on.


2. Double click on eBook icon to launch the eBook.


3. Do not attempt to type the license key to avoid error.


4. Click on the link to any of the locked chapters. This’ll open the registration page of the eBook.


5. Click on “Activate Registration.” This’ll open the registration form


6. Reg. Name: You may leave this
field blank.


7. Also, copy the license key and paste it into the “Registration Code” field.

Do not attempt to type the license key to avoid error.


8. Lastly, to access locked pages, click on “Activate Registration” button.

If you don’t have a license key, simply click on the “Buy Now” button within the eBook, to get one.



B. …Got a Serial Number?

This is also good. Here are the steps needed to unlock the eBook using a serial number.


1. Ensure that your Internet connection is switched on.


2. Kindly click here…


3. Your default browser will open a web page.


4. Take simple steps on the web page that’ll open:


a. Name

b. Email address and…

c. The Serial Number.


5.    Thereafter, your License Key will be
sent to your email box.


6. Kindly give up to fifteen minutes for email delivery.


7.  To hasten the process, a copy of the email will be displayed once you click on, “Register and Get License Key.”


·     Instantly, you could take the five steps in 8 to 12 below…


8. Launch the eBook and click on the link to any of the locked chapters. This’ll open the registration page of the eBook.


9. Click on “Activate Registration.” This’ll open the registration form field.


10. Copy your name (as it appears on the displayed webpage) to clipboard.
Paste it into the “Registration Name” field.


11. Also, copy the license key and paste it
into the “Registration Code” field.

Do not attempt to type the license key to avoid error.


12. Lastly, to access locked pages, click
on “Activate Registration” button on your eBook.



To unlock the eBook using a serial number kindly click the link below…

Input eBook Serial number on this web page.


Web Page Screen Shots

Screen Shot 1 – Registration Form


Screen Shot 2 – A copy of email that’ll be sent, displayed on the web page.




The information continues, please go on to the end of the page.



Copyright 2014 by Wale Joseph.

ISBN: 978 978 941 716 2


This eBook, is protected under International Copyright Law, and is Copyright 2014 by Wale Joseph – All Rights Reserved.


All Rights Reserved.

Wale Joseph


No part of this work may be reproduced, transmitted in any form or by any means, (by anyone or group) electronic or mechanical, comprising recording, copying or by any information storage or retrieval, without written permission from the copyright owner.

Copyright 2014 by Wale Joseph.



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“Sexual satisfaction in a marriage is an idea that must be started by the man and thereafter, he’d be supported by the woman. This’d create a safeguard that could ensure a lifelong marriage. It’s an idea that could be referred to as, “From Adam to Eve, God’s pathway to a successful marriage.” Surely, it’s the title of this book; a book married men could use as a unique marriage manual. Undoubtedly, marriage counselors will agree that the guide laid out for married men in this book, from the beginning to the end, is second to none. It’s the ultimate guide to a successful marriage. It is the only book that tells you what to do and how to do it, beyond the scrape by all other books in its category.


Anyone with a copy will never cease to be amazed by men’s intrinsic sexual ability. It is an ability that’ll guarantee optimal sexual excitement in the home. However, a fact that has remained hidden is that any marriage with optimal sexual excitement… will last a lifetime.”


Take Note:

To unlock this eBook, you’ll need Internet connection.

Simply ensure that your PC is connected to the Internet while License Key or Serial Number is being used.



eBook Data

Publication Date: Jun 25 2014

ISBN/EAN13: 978-978-941-716-2

Page Count: eBook… 30,000 Words, executable Format (With Audio Features)

Size: 7.7MB

Language: English

Color: Black and White

Related Categories: Self-Help/Sexual Instruction

Regular Price: $8.99

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The method described in the book is neither a cure for weak erection nor impotence. Kindly
consult a medical doctor if erectile dysfunction or any other sexual problem is suspected.


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