How to Ensure Marital Success

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How to Make Your Wife Love You More Intensely

To some extent, intimacy already exists between a couple otherwise they wouldn’t be a couple in the first place. But intimacy is a relative term; hence it could be further developed. This further development of course requires deliberate effort from either partner. This article therefore shows a few steps to consider and use maximally.

For your wife to love you more intensely, you’ve got to take calculated steps that would lead to developing further intimacy between the two of you. One very special step taken by couples in this regard is sexual intercourse. This step, though not the first, is a significant mental ingredient in a relationship. As a key mental ingredient, it would be one of the fundamental determinants in handling all inputs related to the survival of a relationship. Sexual intercourse itself culminates in orgasm. Most of the benefits derivable from sex therefore would peak at orgasm.

The woman is the family pivot! In this role, if she derives maximally from sex, her input into the survival of the relationship would be from a happy and healthy mind. She would therefore always take steps to ensure a happy home. The important issue then would be making your wife derive maximally from sex, the same way you do. Pertinent issues therefore would be;

  1. To eliminate or at least reduce sex-drive killers for the woman. And,
  2. Take steps that will make your woman derive maximally from sex.

There are overt sex-drive killers with adverse effect on both male and female. These include;

  • Excessive intake of alcohols.

  • Cigarette chain-smoking.

  • Drug abuse/misuse.

  • Stress.

  • Age.

  • Illness. Etc.

These are topics that are best handled by appropriate researchers. A humble observation is that these challenges overtly affects one but subtly also kills the sex drive of the spouse. The man is the one that is often subjected to these life challenges, and the ripple effect would be found on his wife. In addition, there are covert sex-drive killers, an area that should also be expounded by appropriately qualified researchers. Though much of these fall majorly under general hygienic practices, then an unlearned person like me could lift basic ideas from experts and disseminate. Unhygienic practices and certain illnesses could cause offensive odors. Odors generally cause distractions and could qualify as covert sex-drive killers. When offensive odors ooze out, couples may have to hold meetings at arm’s length, but definitely not sexual meetings.

The distractions caused reduces the concentration of your spouse particularly when the issue at hand is sexual. The odors causing distractions include the offensive ones such as;

  • Halitosis.

  • Odor of food.

  • Odor of ‘sweat’. Etc.

Once your home made remedies are not yielding immediate and desirable results, let your doctor know.

Certain odors are not offensive yet the cause distractions. These include;

  • Cologne/Deodorants.

  • Air fresheners. Etc.

There are tons of arguments in favor of these products. The good thing is the fact that shortly after these non-offensive odors are perceived, the olfactory center becomes a little numb to them. Other issues that seemingly cause distractions but which in actual fact create sex appeal include;

  • Hair.

  • Armpit hair.

  • Beard.

  • Skin care. Etc.

The proper step here is to first seek the opinion of your spouse. The armpit hair could be kept shinny and attractive, but the better option is having it cleanly shaved. The head and beard could be shaved in accordance with the view of your spouse provided it’s not in conflict with other issues particularly, professional. On skin care, a minor addition is the idea of spending time at least once a week when bathing should be done slowly and thoroughly. Most men rush through the morning cleanliness and out they are on the streets often with little or no consideration for skin care. Don’t wait until she starts referring to skin blemishes. Make use of her tips. Women know the ‘way’ from OTC skin care products up to the office of a dermatologist, better than men. When distractions are out of the way, physical closeness would be more apparent. The next step is where the secret is, it is the step that will make your spouse love you more intensely.

And the big secret is …….…………………letting your wife attain between 10 to 14 orgasms in multiple succession! Oh yes, you can do it. Sexual enhancers are not required and you wouldn’t get worn out. Thereafter you can regularly make her attain 3 to 7 multiple orgasms using the same easy steps, while the big could be reserved for special occasions. Consider the fact that the benefits derivable by you in one orgasm are possible, much more easily, for your wife when she attains multiple orgasms. This conforms to the biological design of women. Since the natural capabilities inherent in an ordinary man would be used, then it could be done, and regularly too!

Give it to her, and she would always be there – loving you more intensely!


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