Femininity – A Uniqueness of Self-Empowerment

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The capability of an average woman is not just divine but equal to that of men. It could be vividly observed to be covertly superior in certain aspects of life. In the early days of formal education, men were in dominance; with an imperious suppression of feminine social and academic life. It was Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, etc all male. Meanwhile the woman has never failed in her duty; having been divinely empowered to act as an appropriate help to her partner – the man.



The first University to award a PhD to a female student did so in 1785;

  • …492 years after it was established.
  • …535 years after the first ever PhD to be awarded.
  • And 697 years after the establishment of the first university/college in the world.

Despite these odds, women emerged from a needless obscurity that was cast by masculine suppression. Through the years, their effort shows that they have inborn capability to handle multi-task and valiantly too. They started from subsistence sub-sectors of agriculture and commerce. After the discovery of knitting – most probably by women – they and obviously too, went ahead to perfect the art. Today it remains the foundation of the textile industry.


Evolution of Family Sociology

There’s an important aspect of feminine self-empowerment which, to my mind, has been completely overlooked. This is an aspect that could earn majority of our Great Grandmothers the doctorate degree. It’s the application and development of sociology on a family scale. It is apparent that women started the practice of sociology long before the discipline became a formal profession of study. Inadvertently, they defined the unit of the society – the family, and consistently, sometimes stealthily… ensured its success. This was in the days when men receiving formal education were either students of Astrology, Philosophy or Theology.


Teaching and Learning

The situation was the same in the days when majority of men were practicing a profession called Alchemy – with its associated futile attempt. Then women were practicing what’s known today as Sociology. In addition, they were also the ‘lecturers’; teaching their sons and urging their daughters to pass this knowledge on as a legacy. Though they practiced on a family scale, an aggregate of their efforts drives the demand for good moral values in the society. These efforts elucidate the wisdom embedded in teaching and learning of Sociology.



One thing that’s certain in this is that there was no mention of Sociology in the early history of education. Sociology as a discipline therefore, must have evolved from the innate mentality of women. Inference from this is that she’s got the essential quality required to support her partner.



The woman is a part of man; she’s he and can never be less important. The man should do all he can to mine his wife’s mind; always asking for her opinion. Form a negative opinion about such an attitude? Not at all! Rather, she’d see you as craving for her. And in an atmosphere of utmost sincerity, there’s a guarantee that the first thing you’d get is an unflinching love and attention. Here’s an aspect of love that makes a woman feel she’s in the right place – it’s intrinsic and deep – it is womanly. Try it… you’ll reap God’s promise of an ‘h-e-l-p meet’.



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“Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding…

Then shalt thou walk in thy way safely, and thy foot shall not stumble”.

Proverbs 3: 13 & 23 (KJV)

Properly, an issue about marital infidelity isn’t new but the major observation is its attendant catastrophic consequence…; a trend that remains the same. Whether we like it or not, the incidence of marital infidelity – a monster that’s residing in virtually every single home – is a social issue that has its foundation in the seemingly inadequate sexuality and sexual response of men. Its threat; noticeable to various degrees is overt, loitering by every marriage regardless of social, economic, or religious status.

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