Acne Care

Acne Care and Treatment!

Every medication on the shelve promises to tackle Acne in three ways

1. Clears existing acne.

2. Prevents new acne from forming.

3. Reduce existing acne scars / Even out skin tone.

What an acne patient must bear in mind is when to see the doctor;

1. When the home made remedies are not working.

2. That moderate to severe acne treatment must be done by your family doctor or a dermatologist.

Acne, a skin problem could be prevented by,

1. Adherence to proper hygiene to;

  • To remove remnants of dead skin cells off your skin.
  • To reduce the amount of P. acnes getting to or left on your skin.

2. Taking the right diet and supplement to make the skin function appropriately- shedding the cells as at when due, making the pores to be free.

Tips on how to cure Acne and look great!

(A) Exfoliate your skin once in a week.

Exfoliation is a chemical process used to strip dead cells off the surface of the skin. In simple terms, exfoliation is a means of helping the skin to shed dead skin efficiently.

There are two benefits of exfoliation.

1. It removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and hence younger skin cells are exposed.

2. It opens pores on acne-prone skin.

(B) Cleanse your skin daily

Once might be enough but if you wear make ups, it would be better to cleanse at least twice daily – in the morning and at night. It is a fact that when the cells lining the skin pores, for whatever reason, are not shed regularly as they should, the pores become clogged and eventually this will trigger acne. Therefore avoiding a buildup of dead skin particularly in the pores is essential to getting rid of acne and maintaining a clear skin.

How skin cleansing gets rid of Acne

  • By removing the excess oil produced by the skin which could also aid clogging by dead cells.
  • By removing the residue of Body Care products. All these help in providing the adhesive required by dead skin cells to form a clog.
  • By removing the mass of dead skin cells. If the pores are not blocked by dead skin, acne will not form no matter how much oil your skin produces.


(C) Acne Treatment!

Spot treat your acne to remove the inflammation.

The products below in order of personal preference could be used. Each has a complete skin care system for exfoliating, cleansing and spot treatment.

1. Exposed Skin Care System

Exposed acne solution is the first full spectrum acne treatment system that treats and prevents acne in ways that

were previously thought impossible. Exposed does not fight with your skin like other solutions by using overly harsh medicines but instead uses a proprietary combination approach that returns your skin to the natural and healthy balance that it was meant to have.

  • Helps clear existing acne
  • Prevents new acne from forming
  • Balances skin tone
  • Reduces existing acne scars

2. ClearPores™ Facial & Body Care Systems

Stop Letting Acne Rule Your Life……Feel Confident With Healthy, Clear, Beautiful Skin!

3. Proactiv® Acne Treatment System

The newly reformulated Proactiv acne products heal acne faster and with fewer side effects than ever before.

PS: Products order is a personal opinion.


Kindly note that the information above including products and trademarks mentioned, is not intended to and it’s not a substitute for the services of a medical doctor. If you believe you have a medical problem, please see a doctor, nothing in this report is intended to diagnose or treat a disease.

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