Consideration for Defeating an Age-Old Marriage Killer

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Consideration for Defeating an Age-Old Marriage Killer

Marriage constitutes a romantic relationship and as such, bedroom intimacies are inevitable. In the meantime, the huge benefit obtainable from this exercise is weighed down by an unfortunate issue that shouldn’t persistently be. An issue that’s no other but… when the woman cannot have a behind-the-door peak

experience as often as desired. Oh, that… no! But wait, what a description by God’s words for this shortfall… a fraud! (1 Corinthians 7 verse 5). An inadequacy in the bed-top response of an average man will have adverse effects; not only on the woman, but on the man as well.

Feminine dissatisfaction behind closed doors is although an issue covered with much silence, it is more common than we often imagine and it has a devastating effect on every marriage. As such, to curb the trend, attempts could be traced back to over four centuries, proving a long-established but covert marital anxiety over this bedroom issue. Such attempts included those by:

• Modern Medicine.
• Science and Technology and…
• Ancient medicine.

To worsen this issue is the fact that most men don’t see it as a marriage killer; an awareness that’s completely open in women’s minds. In order to defeat this age-old marriage killer, there’ll be the need for two springboards:

• First, is to ensure that we align with God’s design…
The idea that men’s capability is inadequate is absolutely against the flawlessness of God. It hasn’t and will never resolve the issue.

• Second… to acknowledge the issue as social.
The solution therefore should not oppose the culture in any society.

Whatever solution that’s offered then, must have certain eye-opening characteristics. Hence, from the two conditions above, we could reason out that features of an approach that’ll lay an age-old marriage killer to rest include the fact that it should:

1. Be in conformity with diverse social and religious perspectives in every nook and cranny of human existence.

2. Be explainable and hence, repetition could be without a tiresome use of academic exercise.

3. Lack additional health risks, if it wouldn’t reduce those already associated with the natural bed-top

4. Dismiss the consideration for size… a source of concern for both men and women alike.

5. Maximize partner’s mutual pleasure, without necessitating the use of performance enhancement product in whatever form.

6. Have an approach that’s not difficult; without an iota of fatigue, and acceptable to both male and particularly, female. And finally…,

7. Be at no cost.

Behind closed doors, these are issues that’ll attract the gaze of any couple. They’re issues that’ll bring a woman out of her shell, to create (right in her bedroom) topmost sexual excitement sought after by men in extra marital affairs. Hence these are issues that could easily reverse the age-old bedroom anxiety. When a woman is
repeatedly taken to the peak of bed-top exercise as often as she desires, she’d – using her divine skills – ensure the success of her marriage… effortlessly.

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