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Date Your Spouse

3 Easy Steps to Dating the Woman of Your Choice

The vital steps to dating the woman of your choice are made to look like hurdles by women.
This of course is as a result of extra carefulness necessary for the woman. With the right conviction, the approach, which is made up of seven vital hurdles are in this article compressed to be taken care of in three steps.
The seven hurdles that every man must know prior to the all important move are,

  • Ability to pick on subtle cues.
  • Ability to give subtle cues.
  • Growing from covert to overt moves.
  • Being appreciative.
  • Being courageous.
  • Being confident and
  • Surmounting the woman’s wall of defense.


To entice a woman of your choice, the seven hurdles above would be coupled and treated in three easy but basic steps below;
1. Improve yourself on the application of subtle cues, the first two hurdles.
Either of these is the step approved by every woman as the first. But a research fact from experts is that most men don’t pick on subtle cues from women. Learn to communicate using this humble yet very important mode. It is the step that reveals that women make the first move more frequently than we think. It is also the step that often tells if you are likely to sail through with your intention.
2. Widen the scope of being appreciative, the fourth hurdle.
Being appreciative is a phenomenon that is vital in life since interaction between people on a daily basis is inevitable. The perspective therefore should be beyond women to include every person one meets in life. In addition to appreciating efforts, people’s mere presence should also be cherished.
3. Combine the third and the extended fourth hurdles keeping the last three in focus.
Women have preference for being methodical. Despite urging you on, they wouldn’t conclude until you verbalize your objective. Take your time; make stepwise moves from covert to overt gestures and from friendly greetings …………until you become a friend. When being appreciative in a broad perspective is combined with overt moves and a concerted effort made at practicing at every opportunity, courage, confidence and willpower would naturally develop incessantly. This way you’d be transformed beyond a ladies’ man to a man of the people – arousing greater interest in the woman of your choice.
See you next time……dating the woman of your choice.

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