How to Alleviate the Inadequacy of Masculine Sexuality in 7 Steps

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Women in every culture complain about the inadequacy of masculine sexuality. To the inexperienced man, it is normality. Meanwhile it is a view that is completely unsatisfactory and often offensive to the woman. She’s yet to relish sexual excitement. The feminine arousal which is yet to peak would start to wane, resulting in…

The sexual inadequacy of the average man has various adverse effects on both the man and the woman. These effects often peak at social problems such as strained relationships and marriages. It is difficult to verify if the problem is as old as man but attempts to curb the trend could be traced back to over several centuries.

Such noble attempts include the effort by;

1. Ancient medicine: In his book, Complete Herbal (1653), Nicholas Culpeper (1616 – 1654) a celebrated and useful English physician, mentioned how to “provoke lust exceedingly” using the seeds of an edible fruit. Therefore the usage of medicinal herbs to boost sexuality could be well over four hundred years.

2. Modern medicine: This has been on for over one hundred years as revealed by Serge Voronoff (1866 – 1951), in his book, Rejuvenation by Grafting (1925).

3. Science and technology: This has also been on for over a century. As such sex toys such as vibrators were on the sales shelves at about a decade before vacuum cleaners!

In recent decades, attempts have required a joint effort by different professionals, professional societies as well as public and private research institutes. This has led to the provision of various forms of sexual enhancement products, each with peculiar advantages and disadvantages. Despite high product quality on one hand, medical practitioners still prefer sexual intercourse without the use of enhancement products, particularly… chemical based products. The obvious reason being their unfavorable side effects on human health. On the other hand, high-tech physical products which are expected to be helpful without side effects are sometimes avoided due to preference for nature. Therefore the common objective which is for men to sexually satisfy women remains elusive.

Consequently the solution to the problem would need to fulfill certain conditions. This should include the perspective that it is a social problem. The solution therefore should;

  • Not oppose the culture of any society.
  • Be in conformity with social and religious perspective.
  • Be in conformity with medical opinion.
  • Be scientifically explicable and hence could be simulated.
  • Lack additional health risks beside those already associated with natural sex.
  • Be a sexual mode that is acceptable to both male and female and finally,
  • Be at no cost.

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