How to Prevent Acne in Other to Look Great

We often wait to procure treatment when prevention is said to be better. Acne cure requires tremendous effort than its prevention. Acne includes blemishes, blackheads, and white-heads on the skin. The fact that different people respond to different homemade treatment often lead to a false impression that it is difficult to control.


According to dermatologists, misconceptions are that:

1. Acne is caused by dirt or dirty skin.

2. Acne is caused by greasy foods, chocolate, etc.

3. Acne could be linked to masturbation or sex.

4. Acne could be cleared when you sun tan regularly.

Causes of Acne

Research findings by dermatologists show the following;

1. Hormones, clogged pores and bacteria:

During its normal functions, the skin uses certain hormone (androgens) to produce oil. This oil is thereafter passed through the pores to moisturize the skin. These pores are quite narrow such that when the skin cells lining the pores, for whatever reason, are not shed regularly as they should, the pores become clogged and the oil is trapped. When bacteria, P. acnes get on the skin and into the pores, they’ll find the oily environment conducive for growth. The activities of these bacteria produce chemicals that stimulate inflammation- acne, which shows as redness, swellings, cyst and pus.

Pregnant women or women having their periods do experience changes in the level of their hormones. If this favors the process above they’d have acne breakouts for the same reason.

When stressed, hormones released may also cause acne.

2. Genetics:

Acne may also be experienced if its history is in the family. Of course such history would include the incidence of oil and clogged pores.

Since these are what experts say, then tackling acne will require some caution.

  • Obviously, treating a health problem involving bacterial attack isn’t an issue to be handled by every Tom.
  • A regular sun tan, abstaining from sex, masturbation, greasy foods, chocolates etc wouldn’t provide a solution.
  • Scrubbing the skin will also not do it. In particular, experts say this would lead to peeling off of the top skin- a protective layer. This would complicate the problem via exposure to more bacterial attack, spreading the activities of P. acnes and hence worsening your acne.

What an acne patient must bear in mind is when to see a medical doctor. These include when the home-made remedies are not working and when acne is from moderate to a severe level.

Preventing acne in other to look great requires;

1. Adherence to proper hygiene to: This would help to;

a. Move debris of dead skin cells off your skin.

b. Reduce the amount of P. acnes getting to or left on your skin.

2. Taking the right diet and supplement to make the skin function appropriately: This would help shed dead skin cells as at when due, for the pores to be free.

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