How to Propel Dynamism in a Romantic Relationship in Two Steps

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Relationships are built to engender a life filled with joy, warmth and love. They are preferably stretched to last a life time. A relationship that will fulfill such a desire would require being deeply built. This would be true whether the relationship is romantic or otherwise. In building a deep relationship, most people find it easier when the relationship is a non romantic one. It is easiest if it’s financial.


The reason for this is obvious. Financial partners often do extensive study. With this, a proposal would be made. The business proposal is the guideline with which strategies are evolved. Noteworthy is the fact that partners would regularly evaluate and plan, to optimize every aspect of the business.


In a romantic relationship, most people often take issues as trivial. They would therefore wait for an anomaly to correct itself over time. Therefore some couples are surprised that they could not progress after applying all guidelines in the book. More like entrepreneurial relationships, romantic partners would need to continually evolve strategies that could enhance dynamism in their relationship. Such strategies would include;


Give… it is easy to do so

Experts have guidelines on what to do in order to build a better relationship. Those that are pertinent to this article are, giving and contributing. In a way, it is easier to give than to receive. Deep thoughts might only arise over what to give, rather than how to give.


Contribute… widen the capacity to give

In giving, it is not necessary for the giver to stay on for the receiver to utilize the ‘gift.’ This is where giving is different from contributing and probably why the later is more demanding. In contributing, both the giver and the receiver are members of the same team; sharing the same goal. There’s an opportunity for the giver to help the receiver in the deployment of what is
given, based on personal motive.


Give; …for joy and, contribute; …for development

An expression of gratitude is a tradition that is found in every culture in the world. It is an expression that would often bring a smile to the lips and gladness to the heart. Giving has the capacity to establish a new relationship. It also has the capacity to deepen and broaden the foundation of an existing one. Meanwhile, contributing has the capacity to propel dynamism and intimacy in a relationship. With these capacities, evaluation and planning on a regular basis would become ordinary.


Among others, these two steps would propel the forces that can stimulate growth and development in a romantic relationship. Meanwhile, there’s a step that’s central to all actions in a romantic relationship; kindly fish it from Here.

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