Watch Out: 3 Subtle Reasons for Marital Infidelity

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Sexual response in an average man falls far below the expectation of…; and definitely insufficient enough to create desired sensual satisfaction for an average woman. But worsening the already crooked situation is an erroneous impression that a man must go through an excruciating exercise whenever he’s to do it right. No! We’ll share more on this later…

Properly, an issue about marital infidelity isn’t new but the major observation is its attendant catastrophic consequence on marriages; …a trend that remains the same. This could lead some to explore other available options via the easily applicable mathematical phenomenon of “trial-by-error’, where regrettably they would – very soon – be faced by the same dull and unsatisfactory sexual moments.

1. Neglect of overt romantic expressions                                                     The man would gradually become romantically selfish soon after dating grew into marriage. Women wishes for men that are ornately able to separate affection from sex and simultaneously able to practice either of them equally well.

2. Frequently not paying enough attention to fundamentals        Indeed, the young man is often in a haste to perform… The older man – might often not be anxious – but would frequently – and intentionally too – ignore foreplay; an action that is – time and again – required by the woman when she is not yearning for an expedite action. The man therefore wants to rush in; as soon as his manhood is turgid, get through and take off without enough attention for the woman, the slow partner.

3. Channeling the right appetite, but with a slender knowledge        The high rate at which men demand for sex is erroneously believed to be difficult for women… While most women are of the belief that love should be a precursor to sex, most men have an opposite view. As a matter of fact, a large number of men; irrespective of their age or status, don’t even see a relationship between love and sex.

Whether we like it or not, the incidence of marital infidelity – a monster that’s residing in virtually every single home – is a social issue that has its foundation in the seemingly inadequate sexuality and sexual response of men. Its threat; noticeable to various degrees is overt, loitering by every marriage regardless of social, economic, or religious status.

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