Why Some Women Fake Orgasms

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All over the world, some women fake orgasm, after a common saying that men do not do enough to get them in the mood for sex. They therefore go for several weeks and probably months without an orgasm. Reasons for faking include;

1. To boost the man’s ego:

Psychologists say that with the right partner, sex has the potential to make you feel pleasant, joyful and accomplished. The converse of this is which also true, could cause a decline in sex drive. She would therefore trigger off the euphoric state in which the man would confidently conclude that he did it, “…got it right this time.”

2. To get more of her man’s attention:

Making the man to believe that he made her attain orgasm with ease creates not only self-confidence but a more frequent attempt at a repeat performance. This of course would shift the man’s attention more on his spouse.

3. To appreciate the man’s effort:

When the man had conscientiously taken his time to execute all the tricks in the book, she believes the least expected by the man from her is an orgasm. Where this is not the case, she might fake one – as an appreciation for the man’s effort.

4. To bridge the gap of mutual pleasure:

During sex, psychologists observe that either partner pleasures from witnessing each other’s joy at climax. She’d therefore devise a subtle means to ensure that mutual pleasure does not elude her partner.

5. To divest the man’s mind from wild ideas:

Women in a relationship are very careful with both words and actions, knowing that men on the other hand are quick to draw conclusions. Quick fixing here is targeted at suppressing wild and wrong ideas about their sexuality.

6. To turn the man’s mind off her tail:

This is a serious one. If it seems the only solution presently available is to seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere, she’d fake orgasm – to depict satisfaction, as a way of covering her track.

7. To hide a problem:

Over a long period of time especially when love making hasn’t changed, sex becomes monotonous with little or no excitement and sex drive drops. As a result, attaining orgasm might be a bit difficult. Faking orgasm would be a way of keeping a problem off the family’s list.

The first two reasons above are targeted at helping men to at least sustain their effort and contribution to sex. The third and the fourth are the women’s way of contributing to sex, while the last three reasons are attempts at resolving sexual problems by her solo effort. Faking orgasm is one of women’s giant yet humble steps at ensuring the survival of their relationship although psychologists as experts could help with better, long lasting means.

However, to understand what’s expected from men, click on the image above.

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