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From Adam to Eve

…God’s Pathway to a Successful Marriage

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From Adam to Eve

From Adam to Eve

                                                                                                        A common feature in marriages – that shouldn’t persistently be – is when the woman cannot have a bed-top experience that’s similar to that of her spouse. Whatever solution proffered therefore must acknowledge the absolute flawlessness of God and religious sanctity in addition to outright respect for social, cultural and scientific perspective in all the niches of human endeavor.

                                                                                            To Ensure an Improvement:

  • We’d need to align with God’s design and purpose.
  • Second, to acknowledge the issue as social.

Therefore, we’ll need a method that will:

  1. Maximize partners’ reciprocal pleasure particular feminine, without the use of sexuality enhancement product in whatever form.
  2. Be in conformity with diverse social and religious perspectives in every nook and cranny of human existence.
  3. Scientifically be explicable and hence could be simulated without a repetitive use of academic exercise.
  4. Lack further health risks, if it wouldn’t reduce those already associated with natural sex. 
  5. Eliminate the consideration for a large body or genital size; a source of concern for both men and women alike. 
  6. Have a mode that’s never laborious and, acceptable to both male and particularly, female and finally…
  7. Be at no cost.

                                                                                                                By the method described in this book, we’ll…:

  • Reduce expenses.
  • Let the woman have benefits… in the same way as it’s regularly obtained by men.
  • Uncover the massive sexual capability inherent in an ordinary man!

It is in a successful marriage that partners will naturally go through not just marital stress, but life contingencies as well. This is where the man will have to play his role as the head… It is where his sexual response should be such that his wife too will benefit maximally from sex; as elucidated by pertinent research experts.

                                                                                                              Take that giant stride now, download a copy of…, “From Adam to Eve, God’s Pathway to a Successful Marriage,” for a guide that’ll last you a life time. You’d be placing yourself right on no other but, God’s Pathway… to a Successful Marriage.

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Publication Date: Jun 25 2014

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Color: Black and White

Related Categories: Self-Help/Sexual Instruction

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  • The method described in the book is not a cure for weak erection, impotence etc.
  • Kindly consult a medical doctor whenever a medical issue is suspected.

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