The Manly Man

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The Manly Man…

How to Fill Your Relationship with Optimal Excitement

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Inadequacy of Masculine Sexuality, a Consideration vis-à-vis marital stability.                                                                                                           

Version History

  1. The effort by modern medical practice – Rejuvenation by Grafting (1925).
  2. Science and technology – Sex toys such as vibrators were introduced to the market in the late 1880s, about a decade before the introduction of domestic vacuum cleaners.
  3. In his book, Complete Herbal (1653), Nicholas Culpeper (1616 – 1654) a celebrated and useful English physician, mentioned provocation of lust using the seeds of an edible fruit. Therefore the usage of medicinal herbs to boost sexuality could be well over four hundred years.
  4. In recent years, research experts in various fields continue to chuck out sexual enhancement products with one thing in common, they are all directed at making women sexually satisfied.

The need to consider the appropriate sexual mode that would improve the sexual performance of men irrespective of his social background.                                                                                                              


To create the awareness that….

  • That inadequate sexual response of most men is the #1 cause for tension and disloyalty in relationships and marriages.
  • That the inadequacy observable in masculine sexuality is a social problem that would require a solution from the same perspective.
  • That an average man – without the use of sexuality enhancement product, in any form – could perform natural sex beyond his wildest fantasy.
  • That an average man is either rightly making use of a wrong tool or making use of a wrongly directed enhancement product; to augment his sexual “performance,” the very ingredients for ‘social’ bombs that’ll detonate to crash his marriage… any marriage.
  • That from a social perspective, an optimal sexual response shouldn’t place deep holes in the wallet.

The Manly Man …How to Fill Your Relationship with Optimal Excitement

How It Has Helped

It’s only medical and allied professionals that could be categorical on issues such as this. When an unqualified person proffers a solution such as this, it could be noteworthy that the issue should resolved from more than one perspective.                                                            


 It’d change a library full of wrong impression that masculine sexuality is inadequate. This is because;

1. It is not in opposition to the social norm of any society.

2. It is in agreement with all religious views.

3. It is in conformity with medical opinion.                                                                                        


1. Partners would be exposed to health risks associated with normal sexual intercourse.

2. Partners would also be exposed to the incidence of unwanted pregnancy.                             

Where to Find the eBook                                                                                     Kindly use the form below to download a free copy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


The book is meant to increase the sexual awareness of an average man. It does not advocate a cure for neither weak erection nor impotence. It also does not advertise nor sell sexual enhancement product in any form. Kindly consult a medical doctor if erectile dysfunction or any other sexual problem is suspected.

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